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Maintaining a classic Ferrari: is it challenging and how do you drive them?

Navigating the Amalfi Coast in a standard saloon car would be a pleasant experience, there’s a reason poets, painters, musicians and actors have found so much inspiration in this part of the world. But imagine driving along the winding roads with the wind in your hair, the sun glistening on your classic Ferrari’s bonnet and feeling every connection as you change gear, almost as if you are having a conversation with your car.

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It’s safe to say that your relationship with your classic Ferrari is different compared to that of a modern car. You grow to understand your Ferrari; you recognise its pains and problems. You almost feel at one with nature in a classic car, as opposed to being shielded from the outside world as you drive to work in your four door saloon that will alert you if anything is wrong, usually by the flashing light on your dashboard. A classic Ferrari almost becomes part of your family. Their unique character makes you want to nurture, maintain and look after them. Each has its own distinct personality and it is down to the owner to uncover it.

Many assume that driving a classic Ferrari will be a difficult task but once behind the wheel, our clients are always pleasantly surprised, even if they have never driven a classic Ferrari before, any reasonable driver is able to prick it up within ten miles of 1:1 tuition. We have undertaken 1:1 tuition with a number of our new clients, aiming to show them the very best ways to have the uttermost fun in their car. One of the reasons that classic Ferraris offer easy driving is how advanced Ferrari was for its era. When compared to other 1960s vehicles, the 250 SWB, for example, is light years ahead in every sense of its existence.

Maintaining a classic Ferrari is a fairly straightforward process and something many mistakenly assume to be complex and costly. It does, however, require some form of routine and letting the upkeep of your car fall by the wayside could have a detrimental impact on its value and performance. Maintenance is key to ensuring your car remains reliable and dependable. But don’t worry, you won’t need to spend your days buffering your GT250 with a nappy like Ferris Bueller’s father does in the 1980s Hollywood film, there’s no need to be that extreme.

 One of the keys to maintaining a classic Ferrari is driving it regularly, and who wouldn’t want to make the most of these cars, these cars aren’t just there to be gawped at. Even if you plan on storing your car away from the elements, it still needs to be driven. Just like the famed prancing horse on the car’s logo, they need stimulation. We have supported our clients racing and touring their classic Ferraris over hundreds of thousands of miles, all over the world. Yes, they may not be as dependable as a brand new BMW (or other modern car) but, for the fact they were engineered over 50 years ago they perform incredibly well.

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